Meet Jana

Well, where do we start?

I’m a Performer! Motivational Teacher! Singer! And I’m for Hire!

Let’s see…Once upon a time, I graduated from Abilene Christian University (B.A. in Psychology). Took classes at North Texas University (music). And currently live in Fort Worth!

I’ve been in films, television, music videos, performed on stage, and seen in commercials.

I enjoy performing for groups and individuals (I’ve been known to do Singing Telegrams!).
And I especially love musical theater!

Here’s a list of some of the things I’ve done:

The Promise                             Lead  (Mary, mother of Jesus)               Promise Productions, Inc.
Sunday Night Showtime     House Band Vocalist                                  WFAA Dallas
Various TV shows                 Soloist between guest appearances     TBN Dallas

Mary Kay                                    Principal/MOS/National                       Larrwell Productions
Various Commercials            Principal/VOC/Regional                       Amzel Media

Angels of Bethesda                Starring                                                   Daystar & TBN Dallas

O, Holy Night                         Starring, Acappella Arrangement        Various Radio Stations

Anne of Green Gables          Supporting – Miss Stacy                        Artisan Theater
South Pacific                          Lead – Nellie                                            Artisan Theater
The Promise                          Supporting – Mary, mother of Jesus    Texas Amphitheatre
Mary’s Song                          Lead – Mary                                             Jana’s Production
Godspell                                 Lead – Apostle                                         CATS
Kingdom of Grace                 Supporting – Suzanna                             Ten Talents

Mr. & Mrs. George W. Bush                  U.S. Presidential Campaign Trail
Kirby Anderson                                       President, Probe Ministries
Thelma Wells                                           Women of Faith Speaker, Author
Priscilla Evans Shirer                              Speaker, Author
Nancy Leigh DeMoss                               Revive Our Hearts Radio Host, Speaker, Author
Steve Farrar                                             Promise Keepers Speaker, Author
Musicians:                                                 Neal McCoy, Charles Billingsley, Selah, Buddy Green